This is Philtex

Philtex focuses on the complete recycling and reproduction of plastic. From collecting and sorting to processing plastic waste into new products. We take care of your plastic waste.


Making new products from secondary raw materials. From collection and sorting to recycling and the production of recycled materials: we control the entire process.


A large range of sustainable, industrial packaging solutions. Semi-manufactured and finished products for the construction, automotive and recycling industries.


Customised, sustainable (promotional) products. We offer very comprehensive service and can take the entire process, from concept and design to collection and production.

Our promise

Extensive knowledge


Over 65 years of experience in recycling various waste flows as part of the Wolkat Group.

Certified quality


Demonstrable quality throughout the cyclical recycling process.

Competitive prices


Full control of the entire chain allowing you to benefit from the most efficient process and the best possible price.

High-end service


Optimum service and quality control from collection to production and distribution.

We’re serious about sustainability

Plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem. Philtex reduces the quantity of waste by re-using raw materials in the optimum way. We contribute to a better world by recycling and re-creating products from waste materials. Our innovative 4R concept is based on 65 years of experience in recycling as part of the Wolkat Group.

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Our products

Green bag

Our own brand of 100% recycled materials used for big bags for waste and carrying heavy materials.

Recycled plastic granules and regrinds

Our high grade PP PE plastic pellets are a competitive and environmentally sustainable alternative to virgin thermoplastics. 

Covers, shoe and cap sacks

For the textile recycling industry we are able to deliver 100% recycled polypropylene cap sacks, Shoe bags and Box bags. All these products are available in different sizes, gramage, colors and with printing.

Anti-weed suppressant fabrics

Our recycled Polypropylene fabrics can be laid over recently cleared soil to suppress re-growth of old weeds and prevent new weeds from establishing. 

Film recycling

Collection of BOPP film for recycling.

We provide you with an innovative 100% recycled end product.

Flexibility and creativity in all steps of the process.

Full service processing of your plastic waste.

Our clients

We provide sustainable packaging solutions for the waste collection industry.

From collection to the production of new packaging: we take the entire packaging process off your hands.

We can also provide our services to other industries that require sustainable and/or tailor-made packaging solutions.

We provide customised, recycled bags that meet your requirements.

We work with top companies

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